ZAFUL Swimwear Review

We are always quick to said “scam” when purchasing with Asian online store because there is some amateurism and the cultural difference there when they first start out, Is ZAFUL scamming people? I personally don’t think ZAFUL is a scammer or that there’s reason for distrust.

ZAFUL swimwear review

most Asian online stores go through a time period where they’re still developing, making their service feel a bit more “amateur”. However, if you look at ZAFUL, for example, I’ve seen the website evolve to the point where they have a warehouse in USA so return shipping has become so much cheaper and easier.

zaful swimwear

Last but not least, ZAFUL has some really cute items on offer if you shop wisely. I also would advise you to pay with PayPal, so you have buyer’s protection in case items don’t show up.

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