Do You Get What You Looked On ZAFUL?

Online shopping is a risk. You may get the wrong size, or different with what you lookded. In these cases, complaints always happened, some angry reviews even said you are a scam. ZAFUL , a cheap fashion e-store which specialized in boutique-style clothing from both interior and designer brands, now would like to announce the release of a new function- ZAFUL Model Stats to help customers get what they looked on ZAFUL.

Many websites have their own unique strategies for retaining and attracting customers, 3 cheap e-retailers ZAFUL, Rosegal and Sammydress have realized this at an affordable price for high quality clothing. Rosegal focuses on the fusion of retro and modern styles, and Sammydress have the most complete product line. Their customers which often causes confusion in size are all over the world.


But Different regions have different size charts, for example, a medium in one country may be considered small or large in another. These 3 sites are looking for different ways to mediate the issue of choosing the wrong size.

Take ZAFUL for a example. now ZAFUL would like to announce the release of a new function- Model Stats. customers can compare the model’s statistics with their own statistics to understand the size dimensions by this function. ZAFUL will display Model stats below its the sizes guides. Model statistics are information about the BWH of models and their height and weight. All model statistics are approved by ZAFUL models and will be published and shared on items’ page of ZAFUL. Customers can compare these statistics with their own stats to get the right size for them. Model statistics are intended to be used with dimensional drawings for best results and to ensure that the delivered product dimensions are appropriate. In addition to helping customers choose the right size, model stats will help customers see the real product. The pictures taken directly by the photo team used by ZAFUL.


Is this model stats useful? With it we will always buy the items with right size on ZAFUL? No, it’s not a 100% guarantee, but at least, it prove that ZAFUL is not a scam and we can reduce the possibility of buying the wrong size on ZAFUL.

More discussion about whether ZAFUL is a scam or not will post on zaful scam blog. If you have any reviews or complaints for ZAFUL, leave comments here.

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