Are Negative Reviews On The 3-Part Review Site True?

I am an reputation protector, when I Google some key words about some businesses, found a lot of scam and other words, when I click in them, I found that most of reviews are the negative even angry. Are these negative reviews really true? Do a business can continue to operate itself with these bad reviews?

I chose zaful as the analytic object. I tried to leave a comment in the, i wrote a positive reviews, wrong e-mail address, a few days later, outscam posted my reviews, and then I tried to leave a bad reviews again, another wrong e-mail address , Then outscam posted my reviews again. which makes me ponder, are these reviews on third-party reviews online true? Why do not these review sites filter out false comments by non-real users?

So I contacted outscam, want to tell them some reviews are not true, and hope a re-check, and then I got these replies:


Unfortunately the complaint cannot be removed. Please send us a rebuttal describing why the review cannot be trusted. Provide as many details as possible, including your customer support phone number, email and address.

If you still insist the reviews to be removed, this can be done through our paid investigative program only.

Then i try to provide a rebuttal describing to them and ask how much i should pay for it? Below is my email:


1.if a user want to leave a review, he or she just need to provide a email, and the email maybe random, you can’t make sure whether he or she is zaful’s customer or not. i have a wordpresss blog, i know some comments may be not true. then i try to leave 2 comments to this page, and it do appeared. there is no users’ name or order number under these reviews, it’s hard for our customer service to contact them and solve their problems. I’m not say every reviews is unreal, i just want you check all reviews and collect customers’ information for our customer service to solve the problem.

2.i still insist the reviews to be removed, if this can be done through your paid investigative program only, pls tell me more details about it, If this is within a reasonable range, I will take it into consideration.

Looking forward to your reply

Best Regards

Next day i receive a email from outscam, wow, money, it’s really a good thing, that’s why so many people want it. The following is outscam’s reply.


The service costs $4000.

Once the payment is made, the report will be removed within 24 hours (working days).

If a new report is posted by the same person, or the same text is used, it will be removed free of charge. As an option, we can offer a filter for all future complaints ($49 per month).

Then i refused and have not receive reply from them.

Is ZAFUL a scam? Or just someone want to get money from destroy others’ reputation? Pls feel free to leave comments here.

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Zaful reviews is the reviews of zaful’s products or service made by zaful customers. Customer reviews is a good form of customer feedback. Many reviews sites collecting customer reviews about other electronic commerce and online shipping stores.

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Some are dedicated and professional site like But the reliability of some reviews has been questioned, like 75 complaints and reviews about said The Ripoff Report makes fake posts about people and companies then try to extort them.It’s hard to refuse fake reviews spread from network. So when we see other customer reviews, we should verify the truth of them.

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Let’s talk about reviews. The reviews leaved on maybe real because they are from real buyers who bought clothing from this fashion online store. Among these reviews, positive reviews is the major part. I know that is not 100% positive reviews, that’s why is keep moving.zaful reviews

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In addition to and third-part review sites, where can we find customer reviews? The answer is Social Media. Youtube, facebook, twitter and blabla…..

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