Angry ZAFUL Customers Or Biased Journalist?

Did ZAFUL leave customers angry or Some biased journalist misleading customers? There is an Australian online article presents a negative review of several cheap online fashion stores. ZAFUL is named as one of them. However, the article is so biased.

biased news about ZAFUL

it only quotes a few unhappy customers, it seems like the journalist has done no research into finding happy customers to give an objective view. Actually, ZAFUL has many satisfaction customers. AngelicaAlvare leave reviews about ZAFUL on which is a famous review site and said: “I came across Zaful via FB ads and i fell in love! Everything is always on discount and when my clothes arrived I was SO IMPRESSED!! They fit snd look amazing! Definitely my go-to online store!!”. We know any business has growing pains, and ZAFUL is keep improve itself always.

And that article is also a misleading article because – even though she names ZAFUL only once in the first list of stores – none of the examples are from ZAFUL. There were other news take the same way – referred one brand in a negative report but take no examples.

She refers to a Buzzfeed article, but gives no link to that article and no references to her “facts”. It is also poor journalism in that she quotes the head company profits from 2014, in fact, ZAFUL seemly established on 2014, the profits is not suit for ZAFUL- this makes me think she is just patching together snippets of information she has found elsewhere and has no real or current source.

As such, this makes the entire content of her article sensationalist and unreliable. But it do misleading us to hold the ideas that ZAFUL is a scam or offers rubbish.

I feel this is not only poor journalism, but verging on libelous content. I wrote an email to the journalist (her email address is included with the article) but no answer.

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What Is Zaful’s 30-Day Moneyback Announcement?

ZAFUL, a online store that has become synonymous with fashion apparel and accessories, claimed that they tracked customer reviews and complaints, and do sth to improve customer experiences based on these feedback. Recently, zaful give a commitment with a 30-day moneyback policy.30-day-moneyback-polic

From June this year, the new policy makes it possible for the buyers of ZAFUL to get a full refund or re-dispatch of products that are priced below US$50 if customers contact zaful within 30 days of receiving the product.

  1. The policy of unconditional resend or refund for orders under $50 if just a temporary policy. But a manager of Zaful said in a news report that zaful has certainly brought this offer as a temporary policy, but it is highly unlikely that this policy would change anytime soon. And for the prices of almost zaful products are under US$50, anybody could avail this offer as barring a few.

Maybe what changes zaful did will defeat the rumor that zaful is a scam. More discussion about whether zaful is a scam or legit will be posted here.

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