What You Have To Know About ZAFUL Delivery

“I ordered two bikinis on ZAFUL 2 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten yet, The shipping time for one was 3 days and for the other was 5-10 days”. what? it only needs 3 days with global shipping to deliver your order? And your order’s value may be no more than 10 dollars? how could it be?
There is no less than one customer misunderstand ZAFUL’s processing time. they take processing time as delivery, hold the idea that if they place an order, they will get it within 3 days, or 5-10 days. the common actual delivery time is of cause more than 3 days. then, they may think ZAFUL is a scam, it scammed us, take our money but did not send the item.

However, ZAFUL is really a scam? did you ever misunderstand it? do you know about it delivery time, shipping time and processing time? if you do, then you know whether zaful is a scam or not.

The total time for zaful deliver your order is processing time plus shipping time.

Why does ZAFUL need processing time?
the running cost for international trade is high. ZAFUL’s net margin is low. it means zaful need to keep a little inventory management. so zaful will prepare your items just after you placing an order. this is processing time. Usually, it needs 3 business days, 5-10 business days or 7-15 business days. you can know it under the item’s description like this:
Processing Time: Your item will be shipped out within 5-10 business days.

zaful processing time
many customers take it as shipping time or delivery time, it’s wrong.
and zaful is shortening the processing time and stocking some products. instead of showing the processing time, it said: Availability: In Stock Hurry! Only 3 Left!

zaful in stock

For zaful shipping time, visit zaful shipping info: http://www.zaful.com/shipping-info/

ZAFUL offers free shipping for anywhere in the world if you order’s value is order $30. Also, you need pay more attention to its custom tax or shipping time in the special region. Hope my reviews on zaful shipping time will provide a clear understand for you.

zaful custome tax



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