What Is Zaful’s 30-Day Moneyback Announcement?

ZAFUL, a online store that has become synonymous with fashion apparel and accessories, claimed that they tracked customer reviews and complaints, and do sth to improve customer experiences based on these feedback. Recently, zaful give a commitment with a 30-day moneyback policy.30-day-moneyback-polic

From June this year, the new policy makes it possible for the buyers of ZAFUL to get a full refund or re-dispatch of products that are priced below US$50 if customers contact zaful within 30 days of receiving the product.

  1. The policy of unconditional resend or refund for orders under $50 if just a temporary policy. But a manager of Zaful said in a news report that zaful has certainly brought this offer as a temporary policy, but it is highly unlikely that this policy would change anytime soon. And for the prices of almost zaful products are under US$50, anybody could avail this offer as barring a few.

Maybe what changes zaful did will defeat the rumor that zaful is a scam. More discussion about whether zaful is a scam or legit will be posted here.

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ZAFUL scam? Did It Really Not Answer Our Phone Intentionally?

Some reviews and complaints sites like ripoff report said ZAFUL is a scam and did not answer customers phone. Really? Lets check on ZAFUL telephone number info and discuss this problem.

Time zone

If we do not check on it carefully, we may miss the important information, that is TIME ZONE. Pls note that ZAFUL phone is work only at 07:30 to 18:00(UTC). It’s neither American time nor other countries’ time which are not in UTC+8.telephone-number

UTC+8 means 8 hours faster than UTC time. UTC-8 means 8 hours slower than UTC time. I will take American for a example. There is no American state in UTC+8 time zone. If we call ZAFUL at 7:30 in USA time zone, we may not contact them.

My reviews

When do we Call ZAFUL right? Take Atlantic for a example, Its time zone is UTC-4.



then, if you are in Atlantic and want a ZAFUL telephone contact, call it from 19:30 to next day of 6:00.

So, if someone judge ZAFUL as a scam for this point, i will hold my opinion “ZAFUL is not a scam”. More debate about whether ZAFUL is a scam or safe will posted in my article. Any reviews and complaints for ZAFUL will be encouraged to let me, thank you for your time.

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Zaful scam-Should We Judge Zaful Is a Scam Or Not Just By Customer Reviews?

Zaful.com is a website focused on fashion female clothing at the price of $20-$50. Is zaful legit or a scam?

Some rumors online judge zaful is a scam by zaful reviews online, is it fair? should we judge it just by online reviews? NO, if we do, what should ebay or other business do? Google “ebay reviews” or “amazon reviews”, they also had low ratings on some reviews sites.

Search zaful scam on google.com

To know why some one said zaful is a scam, i googled zaful scam. The first page of google results are full of some 3-part reviews sites, a youtube video named zaful review, and some discuss sites. These discuss sites take my eyes.

Outscam.com, is a simply website, you could leave your reviews for businesses and just need to provide your email. We don’t know whether you are a real customer or not. And seemingly this review site only approve 1 star reviews. All reviews showed to us are 1 star.write-a-review

Scamadviser.com, zaful.com get a trust score of 0% from, and it give a blurry reason that When checking zaful.com they looked at many factors, such as other sites relating to reviews, threats, phishing etc. Although these factors make zaful like a high trust site, scamadviser still think it maybe a scam because zaful’s goods would be shipped from abroad rather than customers home country. Ridiculous, if zaful is a scam and high risk, why so many positive zaful reviews are leaved on scamadviser.com?reviews

Ripoff Report which said they report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on an business, but may want to take money from these business. Firstly I don’t like it becuase of Its messy web page. Too demagogic, so many ads, so many bad reviews for itself. If you google “repoffreport reviews”, you may find the answer of my antipathy.

Is zaful a scam like these scam sites intimate? No, No malware or malicious links, Not detected phishing, zaful protect by McAfee SECURE, verified by DMCA. How zaful may be a scam?

Agree with me or don’t, leave comments to me are encouraged!

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ZAFUL Scam? What You Need To Know From ProductReview.com

Is ZAFUL a scam? Custoemr reviews from productreview.com prove that ZAFUL is not a scam. all the following customer reviews are screenshot from productreview.com

  • Positive ZAFUL Reviews


  • Negative ZAFUL Reviews


From the above customer reviews, we could find a point, that is , positive reviews are always gentle, but negatibe reviews are always sharp. Why?  A survey shows that it’s easy for us to said serious words when we vent our anger.  Maybe that’s why some reviews said that ZAFUL is a scam.

Is ZAFUL really a scam? No, a scam will not improve itself and care about customers.





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Zaful Reviews

Zaful reviews is the reviews of zaful’s products or service made by zaful customers. Customer reviews is a good form of customer feedback. Many reviews sites collecting customer reviews about other electronic commerce and online shipping stores.

Find reviews on third-part review sites
Some are dedicated and professional site like resellerratings.com. But the reliability of some reviews has been questioned, like ripoffreport.com. 75 complaints and reviews about ripoffreport.com said The Ripoff Report makes fake posts about people and companies then try to extort them.It’s hard to refuse fake reviews spread from network. So when we see other customer reviews, we should verify the truth of them.

Find customer reviews on zaful.com
Let’s talk about zaful.com reviews. The reviews leaved on zaful.com maybe real because they are from real buyers who bought clothing from this fashion online store. Among these reviews, positive reviews is the major part. I know that is not 100% positive reviews, that’s why zaful.com is keep moving.zaful reviews

Find reviews from social media.

In addition to zaful.com and third-part review sites, where can we find customer reviews? The answer is Social Media. Youtube, facebook, twitter and blabla…..

Youtube is a funny website to state customer review. Many buyers share their shopping experience via youtube, and many people leave comments to show their customer reviews. On youtube, you can find many review videos or hauls about zaful.com

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