Is Zaful A Scam Site?

First of all, let’s find out what is scam? Collins English Dictionary said scam is a fraudulent business scheme or a swindle. In other words, if you try to swindle someone by means of a trick, then you are a scam.scam

Is Zaful a scam site? In other words, if Zaful try to swindle customers by means of a trick? I must say “No”. Because Zaful didn’t try to swindle her customers. And then, why rumors about Zaful scam spread online? The answer is internet. Online shopping always go with risk, sometimes customers received the items different from you want, or the after-sale service didn’t satisfied them. It’s normal to write complaints on internet. But that doesn’t mean Zaful is a scam. Here is a general instruction of how Zaful will resolve customer complaints.

On Zaful, there are 2 kinds of quality issues that customers may encounter:

  There is a great quality issue that the item cannot be used any more.

※  There is no obvious quality issue, but the item’s quality doesn’t meet customer’s expectations.

Customer’s satisfaction remains Zaful’s priority. Once problems from customers are confirmed, Zaful will try its best to resolve the issue to customer’s satisfaction. 

What are important and necessary for Zaful to check and confirm the issue?

It will be helpful if customers provide below information when submitting the ticket to the support center:

  • The related item codes ( sku ) indicated in the outer package or the website links of defective products
  • Clear pictures of the item and its package in good lightingpictures of the item 1 pictures of the item2What resolutions can Zaful offer concerning to quality issues?Regarding quality issues at different extent, Zaful will offer different resolutions according to its warranty and return policy.
    • Resolutions to Great Quality issue

    For either clothes, shoes or something else that have great quality issues such as there are Physical damages or holes that make the product useless, Zaful will offer below possible resolutions:

    For item price under USD 50

    ① Full refund of the product value on Zaful wallet with extra points sent (without return )

    ② Full refund of the product value on original payment account (without return )

    ③ Resend a new item with registered postal service for free (without return )

    Please keep in mind that contacting Zaful within 30 days of receiving the product.

    For item price more than USD 50

    ① Return the item back to us for an exchange of a new item with free shipping

    ② Return the item back to us for a full refund of product value either on Zaful wallet or on the original payment account

    ③ Keep the item and accept partial refund of the product value on Zaful wallet or on the original payment account

    • Regarding minor quality issues such as poor quality materials not as expectations, stains, zipper defects, ripped or torn, Zaful will offer below possible resolutions according to order amount.

    For item price under USD 50 with minor quality issue

    ① Full refund of the order amount on Zaful wallet with extra points sent (without return)

    ② Full refund of the order amount on original payment account (without return )

    For item price more than USD 50 with minor quality issue

    ① Return the item back to us for an exchange of a new item with free shipping

    ② Return the item back to us for a full refund of product value either on Zaful wallet or on the original payment account

    ③ Keep the item and accept partial refund of the product value on Zaful wallet or on the original payment account

    Please keep in mind that contacting Zaful within 30 days of receiving the products.


    How does Zaful process the return?

    Step one, Zaful will provide the return address and an RMA form with detailed notices in it.

    Step two, Customers download the document and fill in the necessary information in the form.

    Step three, Customer put the authorized document in the package, provide the return tracking number or any return receipt for Zaful.

  • 1-1 RMA
    1-1 RMA


    All returns must be reviewed and authorized by Zaful’s Customer Service Team.Returned items without RMA form will not be accepted.

    All returned items must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn, unwashed, come with all original tags and their original packaging.

    Zaful do not accept product return and exchange for the following items: clearance items, discounted items, intimates, underwear, socks, tights, swimwear, earrings, and all items listed under the swimwear, hair accessories and beauty categories.

    Additional Notes

    Customers can also choose to resend other items in once they return the item back to Zaful.

    If there is any price difference, Zaful will either refund it or ask for payment once the new item is more expensive.

    The new item’s sku or the website links are appreciated here.

    All above information just prove one thing, that is Zaful never try to swindle someone by means of a trick. Maybe her products or customer service didn’t let everyone satisfy, but Zaful return policy and customer service all prove that ZAFUL IS NOT A SCAM.

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Is Zaful a Scam?- about Zaful Shipping

Is Zaful a scam? It’s a question comes from someone don’t know Zaful. And Zaful didn’t answer it before, now it’s time to face this question and prove that Zaful is not a scam based on zaful shipping.

Who is Zaful?

Zaful is an online shop to offer a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style. Zaful own QC team will inspect carefully your items one by one before Zaful ship them to you. That means Zaful provides global customers with fashion competitive products at low factory direct prices.zaful

How to find these adorable fashion clothes?Please check here:

Customers satisfaction is Zaful priority! 

Real Zaful reviews like following post will be found on or other reviews website.


zaful reviews1 zaful reviews2 zaful reviews3

Satisfactory shipping and superb customer service

Shipping advantages: Compared with other sites, Zaful has its advantages on shipping.zaful shipping advantages


As you can see:

Shipping times will be affected during public holidays; manufacturers and couriers will limit their operations at these times. This is out of Zaful control. Normal service resumes immediately after each holiday.

Special case on shipping :

If you have not received your package based on the above estimates, what will you do, and how does Zaful to solve it? This case is very rare. Though so, it happens occasionally.

If this happened, contact Zaful. Zaful offers an amazing service on this special case and here ( ),a very professional support team is ready to serve you.

For messages, Zaful promises that all customers can get a reply in 24 hours at most. Most messages can be replied in one hour.

Let take this case as an example and here are steps to solve this case:solution


Is Zaful a scam ?

Is Zaful a scam? Absolutely not. All Zaful’s products, shipping and customer service are proved one thing, that is Zaful Is Not A Scam. Zaful can not stop the rumor spreads on the internet, what Zaful want to is just do its best improve the service to let you enjoy the shopping on Zaful.

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Is Zaful a Scam?

Zaful, certified “secured” by renowned E-commerce service providers such as “McAfee” and “DMCA”, is a properly registered company that has been around for 8 years.

It operates in good faith, providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service and offering a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style.

Zaful always stands at the customer’s perspective, in order to serve the customer well, Zaful establishes its Customer Service System, comprehensive Return Warranty, strict Item Quality Checking, and veritable Posted Pictures, putting the customer’s rights first all the time.

Ⅰ. How is the Customer Service System?

Zaful offers 24/7 customer service support through email and live chat so that the Customer Service can be able to resolve any issues customers may have in a timely manner.

Zaful has Pre-sale Customer Service called Live Chat and Hotline 1-720-346-9332,it also has after-Sale Customer Service called Support Center.The customer can click the icon on the right of Zaful website to contact the Live Chat for the pre-sale problems and check this link to contact the Support Center for the after-sale prblems.

Customer service representatives working for Zafulare not just highly dedicated to helping customers, they are also highly trained. Zaful has an extensive training program to make sure each new representative is able to work independently at company expectations. New employees are assigned a tenured customer service representative to act as their mentor. They will watch live calls by the companies best and then take calls themselves. Once employees are tenured and experienced they will still have their skills sharpened. Mandatory monthly workshops take place at all call centers and employees go through exercises to help maintain the training they have received. Weekly coaching is also given to any employee needing extra help. All of this work makes customers are extremely happy with the service they receive.

How can a scam website do such a considerate Customer Service System for the customer? Is zaful a scam? No, it is definitely not.

Ⅱ. What is the comprehensive Return Warranty?

Zaful provides the customer with 30-day unconditional exchange or refund for orders under $50 .

1.From the day the customer receives the item, the customer has 30 days to contact Zaful to return the faulty item. Zaful authorizes return for the following types of defects: poor quality materials, stains, zipper defects, ripped or torn, obvious color difference, major difference between the product’s picture on the website and the product received.

The return process in 3 steps:The return process

①. The customer explains the problem with clear picture taken in good lighting or recording a short video. Sending these details to Support Center along with order number and SKU (product) number.
②. Zaful After-sale Customer Service studies the customer’s case.
③. Zaful After-sale Customer Service resolves it.

2.For the non-receipt case under $50,the customer can contact Zaful After-sale Customer Service to get the resolutions at the shipping deadline.Zaful After-sale Customer Service will confirm the case with the customer and related inner team first, then giving the refund or reshipment option to the customer.

The resolution for non-receipt in 3 steps:
①. The customer explains that non-receipt case

②. Zaful After-sale Customer Service studies the customer’s case.
③. Zaful After-sale Customer Service resolves it.

Is Zaful a scam? No, it is absolutely not. Why do a fake website provide this comprehensive return warranty for the customer?

How is the strict Item Quality Checking and veritable Posted Pictures?

All of Zaful products are manufactured by third-party vendors and suppliers. Zaful has strict supplier selection criteria and follows a four-step vendor assessment process that includes reviewing product quality, inspecting factories and production processes, verifying certifications, and implementing an ongoing process for continuing assessments and feedback.

Zaful takes the following actions to guarantee the items’quality and posted pictures:

1.100% quality assurance, wherein all Zaful products will be inspected in-house before shipping, to ensure all consumers receive the high-quality items that they expect.

2.In-house advertising, in which Zaful will photograph 100% of the items sold on its websites to ensure accurate representation of its products.Zaful is dedicated to honesty, quality, and trust, and welcomes feedback and suggestions as it continues to develop its international business offering direct-to-consumer affordable fashion. Is zaful a scam? How can it be a scam?

Ⅳ. The Real Feedback of the Customers.

1.The following stastic comes from zaful’s reciews system. Also you can find others prodect reviews from zaful’s real 1



2. Zaful owned 8.89/10 ratings based on customer reviews,the following statistics come from reviews lifetime rating

Example 1:Example 1Example 2:Example 2Example 3:Example 3Example 4:Example 4

Is Zaful a Scam again? No, it is not. The above information shows that. Zaful exports Chinese products all over the world, utilizing different sales platforms in a variety of regions in order to best service its customers and markets and to provide its customers direct access to affordable fashion and products, which takes the great benefits into the consideration.


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