Fashion Shopping Platform ZAFUL Cut Out Mediocre Suppliers

ZAFUL clear product SKU, model information, add tracking supplier’s information in PDM system

Following establishing photography team, hire foreign models to shoot product images and ceased cooperation with suppliers of low-quality products or images last year, By the end of April, all the products on featured the only one SKU. And all vendors information can be found in the Product Data Management (PDM) system. ZAFUL believes that showing quality products and truth images play a very important role in extending a company reputation over all customers, especially for new users.

“The speed is a bit slow, yet,” said ZAFUL’s Marketing Manager Sara Lau “We did put a lot of focus on making sure the payment is security and the return and refund get easier. We used to be too confident and dependent on our suppliers. but with the fast increasing of customers and order volumes, things were a bit off the normal track. However, our desire to offer high quality and true images has always been firmly determined. and now, it succeeds.”

In the upper right corner of each product page of ZAFUL, there is a corresponding SKU number, which can be found in ZAFUL’s PDM (Product Data Management) system. It allows staff to track the product corresponds to the researcher and buyer, model information of the picture, copywriting and suppliers’ information and so on. For the supplier, ZAFUL PDM system added a score function, which through product quality, supplier inventory, stocking and sales dimensions to rate suppliers. Suppliers with low scores will be rejected.

“We only work with vendors that reflect our values of honesty, quality, and trust. We will end relationships with any suppliers that do not meet our standards. This standard is more stringent than in 2016. We not only to control the quality of products in the sample inspection time and pictures but also keep continuous supervise suppliers with the use of the scoring system in the follow-up cooperation.”

About ZAFUL’s pictures and photograph team

in 2016, there was a prosperity in clothing e-commerce market. it attracted a large number of entrants, which led to the market began to chaos and caused a series of cross-border shopping problems. cheap quality, inconsistency between the photo and product are the main accused issues. many e-retailers are affected. There is a desired necessity to enhance the brand awareness.

ZAFUL set up their own photography group, hire foreign models. “Before 2017, We have fulfilled our promise, that is, all products which need to showcased are showed by ZAFUL models and photographed by ZAFUL. 70% of the product images were taken by the company’s photography team.”

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What You Have To Know About ZAFUL Delivery

“I ordered two bikinis on ZAFUL 2 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten yet, The shipping time for one was 3 days and for the other was 5-10 days”. what? it only needs 3 days with global shipping to deliver your order? And your order’s value may be no more than 10 dollars? how could it be?
There is no less than one customer misunderstand ZAFUL’s processing time. they take processing time as delivery, hold the idea that if they place an order, they will get it within 3 days, or 5-10 days. the common actual delivery time is of cause more than 3 days. then, they may think ZAFUL is a scam, it scammed us, take our money but did not send the item.

However, ZAFUL is really a scam? did you ever misunderstand it? do you know about it delivery time, shipping time and processing time? if you do, then you know whether zaful is a scam or not.

The total time for zaful deliver your order is processing time plus shipping time.

Why does ZAFUL need processing time?
the running cost for international trade is high. ZAFUL’s net margin is low. it means zaful need to keep a little inventory management. so zaful will prepare your items just after you placing an order. this is processing time. Usually, it needs 3 business days, 5-10 business days or 7-15 business days. you can know it under the item’s description like this:
Processing Time: Your item will be shipped out within 5-10 business days.

zaful processing time
many customers take it as shipping time or delivery time, it’s wrong.
and zaful is shortening the processing time and stocking some products. instead of showing the processing time, it said: Availability: In Stock Hurry! Only 3 Left!

zaful in stock

For zaful shipping time, visit zaful shipping info:

ZAFUL offers free shipping for anywhere in the world if you order’s value is order $30. Also, you need pay more attention to its custom tax or shipping time in the special region. Hope my reviews on zaful shipping time will provide a clear understand for you.

zaful custome tax



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ZAFUL Swimwear Review

We are always quick to said “scam” when purchasing with Asian online store because there is some amateurism and the cultural difference there when they first start out, Is ZAFUL scamming people? I personally don’t think ZAFUL is a scammer or that there’s reason for distrust.

ZAFUL swimwear review

most Asian online stores go through a time period where they’re still developing, making their service feel a bit more “amateur”. However, if you look at ZAFUL, for example, I’ve seen the website evolve to the point where they have a warehouse in USA so return shipping has become so much cheaper and easier.

zaful swimwear

Last but not least, ZAFUL has some really cute items on offer if you shop wisely. I also would advise you to pay with PayPal, so you have buyer’s protection in case items don’t show up.

Information recource:

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Scam or Be Scammed

Customer comment about ZAFUL left on ZAFUL Reviews Blog:

zaful reviews scam


ZAFUL Customer Service replied this customer:

Dear Eun ,

How are you?

I get your comment about your order issue from

It has come to our attention that you have had an issue with your order UA1702240108275047.

Please rest assured that we are a proper registered company that has been around since 2007.

We zaful  are certified  “”secured “” by renowned E-commerce service providers such as Norton, Paypal Trustwave and DMCA.

You may check our certificates on the  contact us  page  too  and click on them here

Please rest assured, we will do our best to resolve it your satisfaction.

sku*quantity:175185501 * 1 , Metal Bar Silver Frame Sunglasses For Women

200855601 * 1 , Elastic Harness Bra Bondage Body Jewelry

206282806 * 1 , One Shoulder Scalloped Bikini

206666602 * 1 , Bodycon Wide Strap Knit Dress

207724401 * 1 , Water Drop Silicone Makeup Sponge

We are processing your order. Due to popular demand, the item 175185501,206282806 and 206666602 are currently out of stock.

We would like to offer you the follow options to resolve this issue:

1: Wait a little longer for the item to become available.

The item should be back in stock in 7-14 business days. We will send you a shipping confirmation email once the item is shipped out to you.

2: Exchange the out of stock item for another item.

Kindly let us know the webpage link of the item you wish to exchange for.                     If there is any price difference, we will either refund it to your Wallet or send you an invoice to cover the difference.

Please inform us of which option you would like to choose.

Once we ship your order, it will take 7-10 business days to arrive.

Please kindly ignore this message if there are no issues with your order or your issue has already been resolved.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

ZAFUL Customer Service

Is ZAFUL a scam, or be scammed by others?

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ZAFUL, A Month Later, Still No Parcel

Notice about Delays Caused by Heavy Rain in Australia

News from Australian post office: the Western Australia issued a weather forecast, sustained heavy rain will lead to flooding. And it will cause the water level of the flood and river intersections to be unpredictable. So, recently the delivery of parcels arrived in some region of Western Australia may lead to delays, please the Platform Business Unit And Customer Service Team to do the appropriate preparation and explain to customer whom consulted where their order about the delay. Thank you!

Logistics Department

February 14, 2017

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Angry ZAFUL Customers Or Biased Journalist?

Did ZAFUL leave customers angry or Some biased journalist misleading customers? There is an Australian online article presents a negative review of several cheap online fashion stores. ZAFUL is named as one of them. However, the article is so biased.

biased news about ZAFUL

it only quotes a few unhappy customers, it seems like the journalist has done no research into finding happy customers to give an objective view. Actually, ZAFUL has many satisfaction customers. AngelicaAlvare leave reviews about ZAFUL on which is a famous review site and said: “I came across Zaful via FB ads and i fell in love! Everything is always on discount and when my clothes arrived I was SO IMPRESSED!! They fit snd look amazing! Definitely my go-to online store!!”. We know any business has growing pains, and ZAFUL is keep improve itself always.

And that article is also a misleading article because – even though she names ZAFUL only once in the first list of stores – none of the examples are from ZAFUL. There were other news take the same way – referred one brand in a negative report but take no examples.

She refers to a Buzzfeed article, but gives no link to that article and no references to her “facts”. It is also poor journalism in that she quotes the head company profits from 2014, in fact, ZAFUL seemly established on 2014, the profits is not suit for ZAFUL- this makes me think she is just patching together snippets of information she has found elsewhere and has no real or current source.

As such, this makes the entire content of her article sensationalist and unreliable. But it do misleading us to hold the ideas that ZAFUL is a scam or offers rubbish.

I feel this is not only poor journalism, but verging on libelous content. I wrote an email to the journalist (her email address is included with the article) but no answer.

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Do You Get What You Looked On ZAFUL?

Online shopping is a risk. You may get the wrong size, or different with what you lookded. In these cases, complaints always happened, some angry reviews even said you are a scam. ZAFUL , a cheap fashion e-store which specialized in boutique-style clothing from both interior and designer brands, now would like to announce the release of a new function- ZAFUL Model Stats to help customers get what they looked on ZAFUL.

Many websites have their own unique strategies for retaining and attracting customers, 3 cheap e-retailers ZAFUL, Rosegal and Sammydress have realized this at an affordable price for high quality clothing. Rosegal focuses on the fusion of retro and modern styles, and Sammydress have the most complete product line. Their customers which often causes confusion in size are all over the world.


But Different regions have different size charts, for example, a medium in one country may be considered small or large in another. These 3 sites are looking for different ways to mediate the issue of choosing the wrong size.

Take ZAFUL for a example. now ZAFUL would like to announce the release of a new function- Model Stats. customers can compare the model’s statistics with their own statistics to understand the size dimensions by this function. ZAFUL will display Model stats below its the sizes guides. Model statistics are information about the BWH of models and their height and weight. All model statistics are approved by ZAFUL models and will be published and shared on items’ page of ZAFUL. Customers can compare these statistics with their own stats to get the right size for them. Model statistics are intended to be used with dimensional drawings for best results and to ensure that the delivered product dimensions are appropriate. In addition to helping customers choose the right size, model stats will help customers see the real product. The pictures taken directly by the photo team used by ZAFUL.


Is this model stats useful? With it we will always buy the items with right size on ZAFUL? No, it’s not a 100% guarantee, but at least, it prove that ZAFUL is not a scam and we can reduce the possibility of buying the wrong size on ZAFUL.

More discussion about whether ZAFUL is a scam or not will post on zaful scam blog. If you have any reviews or complaints for ZAFUL, leave comments here.

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Are Negative Reviews On The 3-Part Review Site True?

I am an reputation protector, when I Google some key words about some businesses, found a lot of scam and other words, when I click in them, I found that most of reviews are the negative even angry. Are these negative reviews really true? Do a business can continue to operate itself with these bad reviews?

I chose zaful as the analytic object. I tried to leave a comment in the, i wrote a positive reviews, wrong e-mail address, a few days later, outscam posted my reviews, and then I tried to leave a bad reviews again, another wrong e-mail address , Then outscam posted my reviews again. which makes me ponder, are these reviews on third-party reviews online true? Why do not these review sites filter out false comments by non-real users?

So I contacted outscam, want to tell them some reviews are not true, and hope a re-check, and then I got these replies:


Unfortunately the complaint cannot be removed. Please send us a rebuttal describing why the review cannot be trusted. Provide as many details as possible, including your customer support phone number, email and address.

If you still insist the reviews to be removed, this can be done through our paid investigative program only.

Then i try to provide a rebuttal describing to them and ask how much i should pay for it? Below is my email:


1.if a user want to leave a review, he or she just need to provide a email, and the email maybe random, you can’t make sure whether he or she is zaful’s customer or not. i have a wordpresss blog, i know some comments may be not true. then i try to leave 2 comments to this page, and it do appeared. there is no users’ name or order number under these reviews, it’s hard for our customer service to contact them and solve their problems. I’m not say every reviews is unreal, i just want you check all reviews and collect customers’ information for our customer service to solve the problem.

2.i still insist the reviews to be removed, if this can be done through your paid investigative program only, pls tell me more details about it, If this is within a reasonable range, I will take it into consideration.

Looking forward to your reply

Best Regards

Next day i receive a email from outscam, wow, money, it’s really a good thing, that’s why so many people want it. The following is outscam’s reply.


The service costs $4000.

Once the payment is made, the report will be removed within 24 hours (working days).

If a new report is posted by the same person, or the same text is used, it will be removed free of charge. As an option, we can offer a filter for all future complaints ($49 per month).

Then i refused and have not receive reply from them.

Is ZAFUL a scam? Or just someone want to get money from destroy others’ reputation? Pls feel free to leave comments here.

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ZAFUL Reviews And Complaints About Size

A woman is a born shopaholic. Internet provides the convenience for lovely shopaholics. But it’s usually for most of us worry about size when shopping online. If a online store is not located in our country, we will worry more about it. ZAFUL, a international online store, is located in China. It is the store we worry more about. If we buy ZAFUL clothes with wrong size, is it hard for us to process returning? can we get our money back? I have return the product back, but ZAFUL did not give me refund, is ZAFUL a scam? All these are customer questions about ZAFUL.zafulIn the summer of 2016, ZAFUL swimwear became hot sale, followed it is customer complaints for ZAFUL size issue. “DONNOT BUY IT, ZAFUL swimwear is too small for me”, “ZAFUL is a scam, My usual size is extra small and i choose a small size swimwear on ZAFUL, but it’s still small for me”, all these customer reviews and complaints for ZAFUL size were copied from which is a reviews

Is ZAFUL really a scam due to these complaints for ZAFUL size? What we need know about it’s size?

Sizes may vary due to different countries or areas. ZAFUL is located in China, and its items are all from China. I am a Chinese, based on my understanding of Chinese clothing, I know Chinese clothing are for Asia people who are usually petite than American or European people. In return, When i go to H&M or Zara, i also choose a smaller size than my usual size.

Sizes may vary due to different styles or suppliers. ZAFUL clothes are not a brand, they are brands from different vendors, so they may have different size chart. What we need to do is check on the size chart of every item we interested carefully on ZAFUL.comsize-chart

Although your explanation is reasonable, I’ve bought a wrong size swimwear from ZAFUL, what should i do?

Contacting ZAFUL customer service. ZAFUL provide email contacting, phone number contacting and live chat contacting. You may said i am a scam for this too simple answer. Well, let me detailed describe it .

ZAFUL Complaint 1: I ordered the wrong size item, how can ZAFUL fix it?

In this case, you should contact ZAFUL customer service asap (call them or use live chat). If your order was not shipped out, congratulation to you, ZAFUL customer service will help you to change the size. But if unfortunately, your order was shipped out before you contact ZAFUL, ZAFUL customer service can change it for you. what you could do is just wait patiently for the package delivery. Once you received the item, try it. If it fits well, then you have to do nothing. But if it’s not, you can contact ZAFUL after-sale customer service and ask for help. In this case, ZAFUL will offer you some compensation depends on your order. If the value of your order is no more than 50 USD, ZAFUL will offer you a full refund without any condition. In addition, you do not have to send the wrong size item back to them. What great customer service it is!

ZAFUL Complaint 2: i order a small size dress, but ZAFUL send me a extra small size, is ZAFUL a scam?

In few cases, ZAFUL may sent you wrong size items. But if it happened, can we define ZAFUL is a scam? No. ZAFUL ships thousands of orders every day to all over the world, among these orders, there may exist on wrong. If ZAFUL sent you a wrong item, contact ZAFUL customer service, you will get 100% refund without any doubt.zaful-2

Is ZAFUL a scam of legit? What’s your opinion? Pls leave your tips, reviews or complaints here. All your comments are the motivation for my writing.

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Is Zaful Legit? Safe? or a Scam?

Nowadays, online shopping has became an important part of our life. Without shopping online freely, choices will be severely limited.

When you decide to buy something online, firstly, you maybe go to the stores or websites we have been very familiar with. Because you think they are legit and safe.

You may hear about Zaful recently—a website selling trendy fashion clothing with affordable prices. You love the clothes deeply. However, you are still hesitating. You are questioning that “Is Zaful Legit? Safe? or a Scam?” It is hard to make a decision to buy from Zaful before you consider it is legit and safe.

This article, based on Zaful, will give my answers of “Is Zaful Legit? Safe? or a Scam?”. Hope it can help to decide whether Zaful is a safe website or not. you would like to purchase freely.

Is Zaful Legit or a Scam?

When visiting Zaful, firstly you may consider that “Is Zaful Legit or a Scam”. No one would like to get caught in scams with their money. Absolutely, Zaful itself is a legit site. Zaful is a registered company that has been around for many years. It has very loyal buyers, sellers and employees. Everyday, thousands of customers all around the world receive their beloved items from it.

Is Zaful Safe to Browse?

When you browse a new website, you may have the concern that “Is it safe? Is it a scam? Will it stole my information?” When i browse, what i found on the bottom of it is Zaful is certified by “DMCA Protected” and “McAfee SECURE”. Also, Zaful stated that it has a very comprehensive privacy policy to keep your information safe. It seemly that Zaful is not a scam.mcafee-secure

Is Safe to Pay on Zaful? How Zaful Ensure the Money is Safe after Paying?

When you decide to buy something from Zaful, what you care most may be the security of payment. Is safe to pay on Zaful? Or is it a scam and will steal our money?

Essentially, to ensure payment security is to choose a secure payment method. Zaful has provide a series of secure payment options to you, such as Paypal, credit card via paypal, credit card, wire transfer and western union. You can choose any of them as you trust.

To protect everyone form a small number of unauthorized credit card cases, Zaful has set up a comprehensive anti-fraud procedure to make sure every transaction is authorized by the account holder. That’s why some customers have been asked to finish the payment verification.

If you doubt the safety of credit card verification, Standing in the position of a customer, zaful suggest you to pay online orders via a verified Paypal account as it is very safe and convenient for online payment. What’s more, Paypal has a very humanistic buyer protection policy which can protect you rights and interests better.

Now, you may start to believe that Zaful is legit, safe and not a scam.

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